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Pezula Nature Hotel and Spa

Through it’s 43 years of competitive sport, Lindenberg Racing has built up a reputation of partnering with leading brands across a variety of sectors. We pride ourselves in associating Lindenberg Racing with strong brands to ensure that our entire compliment of partners…

The Poetic Beauty of the Western Cape

“…It was then with quotes (good and bad) running through my mind that I decided to take a trip along the coast of the Western Cape. A sort of poetic road trip if you will. Armed with the books, musings and quotes of Keats, Coelho and even Hunter S. Thompson – all..

A Holiday For The Whole Family

It’s still summer in sunny South Africa, and the March/April school holidays are right around the corner – and as we all know, summer holidays in South Africa are a real treat! Besides having fun in the sun (and eating way too much!) summer holidays are meant to be…

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